Like me, you’ve probably been reading many of the anecdotal case reports of patients with deadly cancers curing themselves. They were using a simple alcohol extraction-essential oil of cannabis.

That’s it, an unpretentious kitchen-brewed elixir, no more drug company fabricated than spaghetti sauce. And far easier to make I’ll add.

Is there any real science behind the healing magic of this strange improbable material? Or is it just wishful thinking?

It’s much more than that. Even though we lack much needed human phase III clinical trials using cannabis we do have thousands of animal and tissue culture experiments that confirm weed’s healing powers.


To date molecular biologists and clinicians have come up with a list of cancer fighting properties assigned to THC which we will discuss. CBD is much like THC in its anti-tumor properties. The other sixty plus cannabinoids may also play a role but what that is remains to be seen.

1. THC is anti-proliferative. Meaning that it inhibits cancer cells from reproducing. One of the hallmarks of cancer cells is that they keep replicating, they are immortal and unstoppable, that’s the problem. “THC inhibits protein synthesis so that tumors cannot grow.” (Dr. Donald Tashkin Pulmonary and Critical care UCSF)

2. An antiangiogenic effect. Here THC inhibits the ability of cancer cells to grow new blood vessels. Stop blood vessel formation and you prevent cancers from feeding and oxygenating thus encouraging their demise.

3. Anti-metastatic effect. THC prevents cancers from spreading from the main tumor into other parts of the body. Keeping a primary tumor from metastasizing is of paramount importance in reducing death rates in cancers. The mets are which generally kill the patient by disrupting organ function and starving the patient of vital nutrients.

4. THC has a powerful apoptotic effect. Meaning that THC induces cancer cells to commit suicide. This is a feature of normal cells but malignant cells have lost that ability so they live forever. This effect hastens the death of cancer cells while leaving normal cells untouched.

5. THC stimulates CB receptors on tumors to produce ceramide. Ceramide is a compound that enters cancer cells and inactivates the cell’s energy source the mitochondria. This leads to cell death.

The healing beauty of the cannabinoids hails from their “fat loving,” or lipophilic (in science-speak) property. This asset allows THC to enter the brain’s parenchyma (cells) without being stopped at the brain’s Check Point Charlie: the blood brain barrier (BBB).

Once inside the brain THC helps dissolve tumors.

Furthermore, this same property allows free access into all cells with CB receptors which is most of our trillions of cells.

Therefore, cancers cannot hide from cannabis.

A very lucky break for researchers was the discovery that cancer cells continue to make CB receptors on their cell walls. This allows the cannabinoids access to the cell, to program it to kill itself, and for all the healing magic to occur.

Ten years ago research by pioneer professor of molecular biology and biochemistry, Manuel Guzman (Spain) showed that rats with brain tumors injected with THC directly into their brains showed remarkable tumor regression and disappearance.

This directly led to hundreds of studies following up on the heels of this project.

Known through out the Cannabis Community as "Miraculous"

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