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You never know when you will get a chance to help another friend.


You never know when you will get a chance to help another friend. This is a short story about running into a friend from my past. This started 8 mths ago in a chicken house in Oshawa. I was sitting with my family and this couple kept looking at me and talking between themselves and then looking at me again lol.  So, I pipe u...Hi, I am Alfred Newman and the lady says i thought so; we use to work together.  We will call her Michelle.  Michelle starts off by saying..."Alfred, people are talking around the yard about you helping friends out with Cannabis medicine and she would like to have a meeting with you".  We set a time up to meet with Michelle and her mother, a registered nurse of 50 years.  Michelle starts by telling me she has kidney cancer in both kidneys and is set to have one removed and the other has a 3cm tumor on it.  Michelle decided to go through with the operation before she started on Omega8 to see what would happen to her other Kidney.  Michelle started to take the cannabis medicine after having one kidney removed and started slow on a low dosage and built her way up to 3 capsules Omega8 a day.  Michelle has now given us a update on her progress and she and her doctor are amazed that the tumor on her other kidney is half the size as before and it looks like it will be saved.  Michelle will be doing a Live video to tell us about her struggle with cancer.  Stay tuned...

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