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The "Medical Only" Approach is just a SCAM!

Cannabis - a lot of good work for a lot of good people. All that is required is to remove all unnecessary restrictions regarding this prevention and cure for cancer and thousands of other illnesses. 

No, arresting or killing parents does not protect their children, and so all those idiotic attempts to "protect children" from learning to work with this plant must be abandoned and taken away. 

We need to get high THC varieties back on fields. The "medical only" approach is just a scam designed to enrich a few "clean" licence holders (not always, but usually total scumbags that you would not want to be with), while the rest of us "dirty people" will continue to go to jail for newly and artificially designed "crimes". 

Because having too much cancer prevention available is probably not desired by our societies now. Which is rather crazy in a time of a cancer epidemic, isn´t it? 

#CanncuzzisForAll is not just a hashtag. It´s necessary for the survival of life on this planet. Or do we really have to suffer and die needlessly because of a few psychopathic dickheads in power? I don´t think so, and never have. 

#GrowYourOwn #MakeYourOwn #EatYourOwn

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