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Prohibition Kills, Not Marijuana



Marijuana prohibition is one of the earliest examples of how fake news and propaganda can shape policy. Now it can be done through the internet and data mining, and it’s important to understand. We, as a nation and world are still feeling the pains of policy based on pseudoscience and bad testimony. It even continues today with Canadian prohibitionist given American FDA time to be heard on CBD policy. I tried to highlight some of the stupid for you.

MS. MCCOLL: Hi. Thank you. Good morning, everyone. I am a social historian and I’ve been active on the marijuana file in Canada for over seven  years and I have the following to say. The public is up against a narrative that is at war with science. The marijuana lobby deceives by saying consuming has no lasting negative impacts. They deceive by denying cannabis hyperemesis syndrome and addiction. The DSM-5 establishes clearly marijuana is highly addictive.

Every week, patients on MJ enter the Denver Health Center ER and must be restrained so as not to harm themselves or others. In casual users, THC can disrupt working memory and focus for 24 hours, says Harvard researchers. The true believers of cannabinoids, there can be placebo effect. But it is critical that all be informed with the risk associated with CBD and THC. This includes pregnant women and the risks to the fetus, including developmental damage and DNA damage. In 20 years of research on human cells, I have never found any other drug, including heroin, which comes close to the DNA damage caused by marijuana,Dr. Hugh Davis, at Health Canada. Even minuscule amounts of THC are not safe for human consumption.

Health Canada warns men not to use MJ if they wish to have children. MJ products put young adult males at risk of the most aggressive type of testicular cancer. The FDA must respond to the malevolent billionaire’s marijuana experiment that has medical professionals and states in extreme anxiety over the damage industry profiteering has inflicted on the public. For Epidiolex, the only FDA-approved CBD product approved for Dravet’s and LGS, package warnings include suicidal ideation, driving impairment and hepatocellular injury, requiring liver function testing before starting. Are there such warnings for CBD products being sold at Walgreen’s today? Are consumers buying Whoopi Goldberg and Maya’s CBD THC rubs informed of these risks? With 3,000 marijuana studies and high potency product research enter biomedical literature, reclassification is but an attempt to access the U.S. banks. We changed the conversation. Now we’ve changed the laws, boast the lobbyists. The FDA must take back this conversation and protect the public. I would encourage you to call Dr. Hugh Davis from Health Canada, who in the late 1990s did a risk assessment of THC and found that even minuscule amounts were not safe. He was fired. That science was shredded. And the Canadian government lied to the United States government in saying that they had no risk assessment on this drug. The subversion of truth and science and what’s gone on in North America should cause everyone great concern and reason to pause and do risk assessments on these drugs and analyze the influence of the billionaires and the industry that have influenced public sentiment and dictated a very deceitful campaign. So with that, I conclude. I applaud the FDA for looking into this and I beg them to not reclassify THC or CBD. Thank you very much.


As someone who has grown up with this benign plant, I understand its the law that does more harm than good to my community. When I first started writing about the need for marijuana reform, my purpose was to enrage other citizens that we can make a difference, and it’s worked. People have made a difference for others to live as law-abiding citizens, but it’s not so for everyone.

I’m not saying all police are corrupt, but prohibition allows for bad policing. As an asthmatic anything from running to a dusty room can trigger an attack. So it’s not surprising to see a man of not healthy peak conditions die in custody when denied his medication.

A woman shouldn’t have to change her Facebook status from married to widowed. Not only was he a husband but a father and someone’s child. Homer Wilson and his are the most recent victims of prohibition.

Due Process and Justice Are Not Swift

A case I originally wrote about in July 2018 is now just seeing their day in court. If you’re in the Ohio area, follow Peggysue Kimmel and Glenn Keeling’s case, for this could happen to you. These people are patients, parents, average citizens just trying to be law-abiding citizens, your neighbor.

Presently the State of Ohio is asking Glenn to plead to manufacturing a controlled substance While Peggy pleads to child endangerment, a death sentence to their families quality of life. This is an ongoing case, where every time there is a trial or hearing date, the prosecutor postpones and offers plea deals to avoid a day in court. A follow up with their lawyer is scheduled for at the end of the month.

This drawn-out case is an example of how the justice system can nickel and dime our pockets and lifestyle, in the name of a better community.

Peggy and Glenn Talk Abou Their Case W/ The Human Solution

Prohibition Allows For Bad Policing; This is America

Humanity and justice are what makes America great, but yet we continue to treat people like animals through immigration and prohibition laws. None of us are lawyers, but all of us know, we’re doing the opposite of the rule book known as The Constitution and the supporting Amendments (that would be a dope name of a band). What makes America great is that there is no one image of an American, unless you count a bald eagle smoking a cigar while holding a beer while shooting a 50 cal on the back of a Jeep but that’s about it.

Even though some media outlets continue to fill shows with whitewash, America and being an American is more than that. I am a second-generation American on one side and first-generation the other, there’s nowhere to send me back. On my Samoan side, I lost an Uncle to Vietnam, and on my Mexican half, my grandfather served in the Korean Conflict and Vietnam as a Marine who went from Private to Captain.

The heart of my activism has been sharing people’s stories and championing for them, but there is never enough time to effectively do so for everyone because as an American, as a human, everyone is not guilty. Whether your life is ruined by prohibition through incarceration or for the lack of medical options that can lead to imprisonment, I believe all possession and ingestion of this plant is none of my fucking business.

Throughout the week I collect stories that I would like to share, some require an immediate post due to the timeliness, things like court support for someone facing prosecution for believing in a plant over policy, then there’s just shit that ignorant shit that bothers me, no matter what it is, the point is that prohibition does more harm than good.

The only acceptable form of legalization is the kind where no one sits behind bars for being part of a marijuana business, sanctioned or not. A kind where everyone is allowed to grow cannabis at home, homegrows.

Before it was “legal,” there were homegrows that led to jail. Now there are millionaires, homegrows, and prison for some. The following are just a few of the atrocities that have occurred between 2017 to today in the name of the war on drugs and justice, now imagine every day, everywhere in America, for over a past hundred years.

Florida Cop Plants Drugs on Suspects

Syracuse Cops Force Hospital To Check Man’s Rectum For Drugs

Houston Police Check Woman’s Vagina for Marijuana

Grandmother Arrested at Disneyland for CBD

Texas Grandmother Detained for CBD Oil Found in Airport Search 

Memphis Man Arrested For Marijuana Even Though He Has a Medical Card In Arkansas

Cancer Patient Harrassed In Hospital After Police Are Called for Marijuana Possession

Andre Roxx (of Wu-Tang Notoriety) Stands for His Rights as a citizen and Drug Dogs are Called

Let Us Not Forget the Sandra Bland footage where later they tried to blame her marijuana consumption for her death

These instances are not unique but could be prevented. No matter what your political belief is, as Americans, we all want to be safe and secure. People say the distrust in police and the judicial system comes from the left’s rhetoric, but it comes to the actions of the past and present. Here we have the nation’s Sheriff association spreading fake news and hysteria, so they can continue to arrest the low hanging judicial fruit. Its things like this that will continue to weaken the Sheriff’s credibility in the community.

Prohibition hasn’t just allowed for smell to be a crime but color too. Here is an instance where a man was helping a drunk neighbor, while helping the drunk neighbor the police arrived and placed the man helping in handcuffs than claimed to smell marijuana, while a man lay intoxicated on the floor next to them.

And let us not forget the hero who harassed a man while he was picking up trash outside his building.

These are the most extreme examples, but extreme happens every day in America, not because we are bad people but because we have bad laws that aren’t serving and protecting those who its suppose to help.

One last bad hombre I would like to share with you is the kind soul who showed off his plants to the police who arrived at his home. Unfortunately, I don’t know the full story on this one, but what I can say was there were no bad guys stopped that day.

Marijuana activism is depressing as fuck. It’s a fight for common sense, and I don’t have to know you to say not guilty. There are ways you can help; things like promote Jury Nullification. It is our rights as American citizens to say “not guilty” when serving on a jury, no matter what the judge instructs. You can disagree with a bad law and say this person did nothing wrong in my eyes, the eyes of a peer, a citizen.

People incarcerating other citizens for marijuana as a tool of justice can’t win. When it comes to cannabis, there is no freedom until everyone is free. All good things take time and money. I think we’ve come as far as we had for common sense and normalization through advocacy what investor corporate cannabis has done for greasing the wheel to legalization.

While I smoke my legal, the following people are serving time for doing business in legal States before it was recreationally legal, Michael Thompson and Lance Gloor know cannabis has medical properties.

United States of Dysfunction

I don’t know what to do with all this freedom now that cannabis consumption is legal to party with (recreational) in 9 states and our nation’s Capitol and had been given medical allowances in 33 of our 50 states. Especially now that hemp has been legalized, what do I do with all this freedom? I guess not drive through States or visit amusement parks where ignorance is still policy.

There’s a Rolodex of people, of Americans whose lives are being ruined daily by prohibition, some days I can never keep up but I’m gonna do the best I can by sharing everyone’s story, so every American has a right to fight for a decent life as a holistic consumer.

About Miguel a.k.a Miggy420


My name is Miguel but I go by Miggy420 on the interwebs. My mission is to end prohibition through education, entertainment, and spreading awareness of those facing injustice, we are stronger as a whole when we're all informed.I don't have a degree but my resume includes 8 years of blogging, 10 years in the military, and presently working in the tech industry.

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