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Love of a friend and a re-birth of an old recipe

True Story about helping a best friend fight stage 4 colon cancer.




Back in 2010 I was a couple of years into the MMAR program growing medical cannabis along side other MMAR patients. As a group we grew 8 strains and we traded strain's within our little community. In the spring of 2011 my best friend from way back when I got married showed up at my house with his partner and informed me that he just came from the Weston memorial hospital and that he was told to go home and put his things in order; there wasn't anything they could do for him. This is a 63 year old man that has had lung cancer prior and has at this point very diminished lungs. His partner asks me if I knew anything about cancer and cannabis as a treatment and I said yes I do know of a recipe that is supposed to fight off cancer and that he was very lucky that I had 8 strains of cannabis sitting in my vault. We made what was,at that time, the first ever in my house Omega8. Once it was made they came back to start on this home remedy cannabis as medicine. They asked how much to take and I said I have no idea but if it was me I would take as much as I could starting with a tablespoon full and working my way up. Now this is a gentlemen that was running around with Rob Ford and his crew so his tolerance level was already pretty high. So, off they go with a 750 ml bottle full of Omega8. 2 days go by and I receive a call from my friend and he says that he has been taking 3 tablespoons full a day and it is pretty intense. I then recommend that he backs off to a teaspoon and try that. So, to make along story short; about the birth of Omega8. They come back up to the compound in July carrying the bottle I gave him and he is returning it with under 100 ml still in it and starts with the hugging and the tear's from both of us when he tells me he is cancer free!!! This is now 7 yr's gone by and I still like being able to hug him. So, help a friend when you can, we are in this thing called life, together...





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