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'LIFE CHANGING' Edinburgh Lad ‘Seizure Free for Weeks’ after taking Cannabis Oil to Treat Epilepsy


THE mum of a young lad from Edinburgh claims he's not had an epileptic seizure for weeks - thanks for cannabis oil.


Murray, 6, has a rare form of epilepsy and has been taking Bedrolite since earlier this year.

But now his family are struggling to pay for the medicine, which they can't get on the NHS.

His mum, Karen Gray, 44, said he was taking 12 seizures everyday before being treated with cannabis oil which costs £1,500 a month.

She's set up a GoFundMe page so they can keep giving treating him with the drug.

They're looking to raise £9,000.

He was treated on the NHS, but Karen says the medicine he was given left him in a “vegetative state” in hospital.

 Karen has to spend thousands each month to get the cannabis oil
Karen has to spend thousands each month to get the cannabis oil

Posting on the fundraising site, Karen said: "For the past 67 days he has had NO seizures.

"Without the cannabis oils he would absolutely be in hospital.

"He’s living his life at home and just being a normal boy.

A-listers praise the cannabis drug but can CBD really transform your health?

"This is the reason I am fundraising.

"Each 10ml bottle of Bedrolite costs £170 - a bottle lasts 4 days (One bottle of bedica costs £50, which lasts a month).

"It costs approx £1,500 per month to pay for his medicine.

"I can’t stop buying his medicine as it’s keeping him well but I can’t afford to pay this amount each month without fundraising.

"Any help you can give us would be most appreciated.

"Thanks, Karen"


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