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I am a cancer Survivor!

My name is Dave and I am a cancer Survivor!  One day in 2002 I woke up and couldn't stand up from severe pain in my side so I went to the hospital E.R..  They ran a bunch of tests and sent me home with pain pills.  I hadn't left the hospital 5 minutes when the hospital called me and told me to come back so I did and they told me that I was stage 4 with liver cancer.  I had a mass covering 90% of my liver and I had no liver function.  3 days later I started chemo treatments which consisted of 8 drugs.  I was on the strongest dosage that they could give you, by state law.  I smoked cannabis daily for the next 2 years until my treatments were done.  I never got sick 1 time; I was able to eat and function normally.  I'm in a state where it's illegal so I grew my own and continue to do so.  The governments need to wake up and explore the medicinal benefits of Cannabis!!!  I am 15 years in remission thanks to Cannabis and God.  Cancer is not a death sentence...

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