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How to use CBD oil

How to use CBD oil

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It may be a silly question to some but people all over the UK are asking, how to use CBD oil.

how to use cbd oil

Not everyone knows how to use CBD oil

Not everyone knows what it is, let alone how to use CBD oil… The CTA reports that monthly up to 300,000 people per month are using CBD oil in the UK alone. This number has been growing exponentially year on year so clearly, there is something to it.

Before you dive in there are some key things to learn regarding how to use CBD oil. We have years of experience so let us guide you, there are many ways how to use CBD oil believe it or not.

As our company founder has always said, the closer you can get the oil to the site of the problem, the better. If you keep this in mind when using any kind of cannabis-derived product or oil, you will see the best benefit.

The most common ways how to use CBD oil

Over the years we have found and in some cases developed methods regarding how to use CBD oil. It greatly depends on the desired effect. With that in mind please read through the entire piece so you become well aware of all the methods. If you want to know how to use CBD correctly, your in the right place!

how to use cbd oil different methods

1. How to use CBD oil Sublingually

Summary – You may have heard of this method most frequently. If you do use this method you are certainly on the right track. When first learning how to use CBD oil this method is the best one to start with.

This sensory-rich area underneath the tongue is our bodies best absorption site. It allows the rapid transfer of molecules into the bloodstream and off around the body. This method is great for general well-being and staying on top of your game.

The human body contains millions of cannabinoid receptors located all over the body and in every major organ. Our bodies are literally hard-wired to utilise cannabinoids. Yes, you heard correctly we are designed to use cannabinoids from the DNA level.


Always read the suggested amount on the side of the bottle. This information is a requirement under law, as is CBD level clearly stated on the front. If your CBD oil does not display this info you must seek a genuine vendor for safety and peace of mind. The CTA has an extensive list of trusted vendors just us.

  1. Stand in front of a mirror until you gain confidence and carefully add the stated drops under your tongue. CanaXen Silver has 10% CBD and 4 drops are recommended twice daily for example.
  2. Hold the drops underneath the tongue for as long as possible but generally no more than 2 minutes. This allows for the maximum amount of cannabinoid absorption into your system.
  3. Following step 2 simply swallow the oil that remains and let it pass the esophagus naturally.
  4. You would likely feel our Silver within seconds. Many report a deep breath at this point and feel ready for whatever the day brings.

2. How to use CBD oil Topically

Summary – As we mentioned before, the closer you get oil to the problem site the better you get with how to use CBD oil!

Rubbing the oil directly into the skin does tend to mean extra oil usage. For our customers, we recommend 30ml of Bronze to get enough cannabinoids and it lasts a lot longer.

Directions – Ensure you have cleaned and dried the area in question before application. How to use CBD oil rule one in any preparation.

  1. Drop say 6 drops into your palm. With your other hand apply the oil directly to the intended site.
  2. Rub it thoroughly into the skin ensuring full absorption.
  3. If you feel it necessary, repeat the process ensuring oil is fully absorbed before replacing clothing etc.
  4. Effects usually noticeable within minutes of application.

3. How to use CBD oil for Inhalation

Summary – This is one of our favorite methods for how to use CBD oil because it involves a small amount of fun. Whilst we don’t encourage vaping or inhaling anything it is important to note! At the same time, we realised very early on that vaping was an easy way to get CBD into your system rapidly.

As with smoking, vaporising uses the lungs as the middleman to get cannabinoids into the system. Smoking anything is not advised and not good for your lungs so be mindful of what you put into them.

Directions – Always observe safety regulations regarding oil/liquid used and the vaporiser before you proceed!

  1. Ensure your e-liquid or vape oil is CTA registered. Currently, this is the only safe way to know what it is you are ingesting and how it was formulated.
  2. Ensure you have the correct equipment for the correct oil. You can find this in our vaping CBD oil Guide.
  3. Inhale a small amount of the mix to test that you will be ok with the vapour. Allow yourself to adjust to the amount of vape that works best for you.
  4. Once you are happy, take a decent inhalation and hold it for around 10 seconds. With our e-liquids, an obvious feeling of calm can be experienced within seconds.
  5. CBD oil has a zero toxicity level. Some of the mixers that e-liquids come in do have a toxicity level so be aware. Just don’t overdo it.

how to use cbd oil dog

4. How to use CBD oil in Beverages

Summary – Over the years we have had a great number of customers who enjoy adding their CBD oil to various different drinks. This is a great way to get cannabinoids into the gut system directly and the body in general.

It is important to note that this dilutes the oil and effects will be less obvious.

Always use a drink which has an oil-based component! Put simply this means add something like milk in tea and coffee drinks. Cannabinoids are an oil and milk is fatty. Cannabinoids will not bond or mix with normal water based drinks. Although Gweneth Paltrow claims to have her CBD oil with cocktails! In CBD water they use a method of crystallising and de-fatting the CBD molecule making it water soluble.

This method of isolating CBD is not good for the Entourage effect which helps the ECS. Always bear that in mind, you need a whole plant extract like CanaXen for best effects.

Directions – Make sure you have selected the right liquid for the CBD product you intend to use. Products like our RAW HEMP will absorb nicely into water-based drinks and gives a great energy boost!

  1. Add the label guided amount of CBD oil to any drink with an oily base such as milk.
  2. The part I usually forget, remove the tea bag before adding oil if making tea!
  3. The CBD oil will rise to the surface. The black bumps are pure CBD oil separated from the MCT we use as a carrier oil.
  4. Drink slowly, you will notice the oil goes quickly as it sits on the surface.
  5. If using CanaXen CBD oil you will likely feel the benefits after around five to ten minutes.

How to store CBD products

Its all about how to use CBD oil properly and that starts with how you store it. Some oils will spoil or at least lose their beneficial effects when left in warmer environments. Say, over 20 degree’s C for prolonged periods of time.

  1. Always try to keep your oils cool in a fridge or at least a cool dry and dark place. Storing correctly will allow your products to remain effective for up to 1 year.
  2. Always take care when using the dropper, clean up spillages around the screw cap to avoid it getting messy over time.
  3. Love your bottle, CBD oils like CanaXen can last up to 3 months if label instruction is followed to the letter.
  4. Keep an eye on how much you have left! Royal Mail does not deliver on bank holidays and the festive season can be a struggle so think ahead.
  5. Try to recycle your bottle where possible, the Earth only has so many resources!

Why do I need to know how to use CBD oil?

To us, CBD oil is like the very air we breathe, not only important but we think vital. CBD oil boost the bodies own Endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system utilises a compound produced by our own bodies called ‘Anadamide’. This ‘endocannabinoid’ (translates to cannabinoid of the body) powers the whole system, the ECS system is responsible for things we don’t usually consider.

Things like homeostasis which regulates body temperature and fluid balance, keeping it all within set limits. The ECS also works hard to prevent premature aging, age-related illnesses, and conditions.

To keep these things in check one must own a healthy ECS and to do just that is surprisingly easy in today’s world.

As we age we start to make less and less of this compound and we become more susceptible to the above. Anandamide and CBD are extremely similar on the molecular level that’s why CBD oil has such a huge effect on the bodies ECS.

how to use cbd oil ecs

How do CanaXen know how to use CBD oil?

We were the first company in the UK to offer CBD oils. Back then you would have known us as ‘medivape‘. First to get our oils independently lab tested and we have 6 years of experience.

With thousands of customers over the past six years. We have developed a very deep understanding of CBD oil, the Endocannabinoid system and what it all means for our bodies. If you are unsure about anything regarding CBD oil just give us a call on 020-3289-1755 or email us/contact us here.

With canaXen, you are in safe hands.

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