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Farmers Need to Unite

This is the mission Alfred is shouting out for 2019.  By 2050 we need to double the amount of food grown now.  This is just an idea I have been pushing around.  Now that cannabis is legal to grow outside 4 plants per home and Acmpr grows allowed at home it only leaves out everyone that doesn't own a property.  Think about this and do your own math and you will see it is very viable for all the family farms in all our rural routes are able to have 1 acre classified as a community acmpr grow area and have the government in local areas to allow this.  This is the math and maybe you can double check because 4 out 3 men are not good at math.  One acre is 43,560 sq ft. minus 20 percent for walking and working inside compound = 34,848 sq ft workable ground.  Plants need a 4x4 area = 16 sq ft per plant.  Divide 16 into 34,848 = 2,178 plants in that compound.  So, here is the pricing part that I did a quick research on a few years back and I started at $25 per month per hole for 5 mounts a season but people got involved and we settled at $75.00 per month per plant for 5 month lease per 16 sq ft plot.  This price allowed the farmer to have a fenced-in compound with security plus provide the feeding system for users.  So, $75 per month X 5 = $350 per plot for season $350 X 2,178 plots = ======= I believe all our local farmers could light up 1 acre and secure with cannabis-friendly Acmpr licensed people that some may help out in the other green gardens being renewed for local consumption.  If you do the math @ $75 per plot on the high side and $25 per plot you will see this could be good for all humanity.  So, please help with the math a lets get to a settled price to start our Chirp!

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