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Cannabis Oil For Cancer: Why Maintenance Doses Are Necessary


Published on June 9, 2019

Mike Robinson ~ Cannabis Heals

With an estimated number of new cancer cases and deaths in 2019 at record highs, many have opted to use alternative approaches including cannabis oils. It's estimated that in the United States alone this year 1,762,450 new cancer cases will be diagnosed and 606,880 cancer deaths will occur. These numbers make cancer the runner up cause of death right behind heart disease. Many have read my own accounts of fighting Cancer with Cannabis. Before we go into maintenance dosing and how imperative it is, it's important to consider that it could be done before any diagnosis at all. With knowledge that THC kills cancer cells widespread throughout the scientific community, it only makes sense for many people to use cannabinoid medicine responsibly to fight what's already growing in half of us.

Now that we know the scary numbers which most try to avoid, it's important to emphasize that Cannabis Oil on it's own won't always do the trick - although it may put you in remission. Many, like myself, prefer to integrate our cannabinoid medicine. This doesn't mean I allowed treatments I believe would harm, it means I allowed labs and imaging so I knew what I was facing and how to fight it as it both progressed and declined. It takes a whole body and mind approach. Elimination of bad diets, too much stress, exhaustion, and more is a necessity if one wants to stay in remission once they get there. Toxins in both your environment and your body will cause recurrences. If you've used cannabis oil to gain remission you'll need to continue with maintenance dosing. But what exactly is that?

 A maintenance dose is necessary ongoing after the word 'remission' is heard. No longer is the larger dose, that often ends up being 1ml or gram at a time, necessary. But, completely abandoning treatment and changes in lifestyle/diet can have a disastrous outcome. Normally it's the word 'recurrence'. The big question is "How much should a maintenance dose be?. Well, the science is out on that one, but those that have fought cancer with cannabis oil don't need any attempts to figure this out scientifically when we've already done it personally, not even I need that and I'm a self taught researcher. What I need is continued life. I find that by continuing cannabis oils, which for me is a must anyway as I'm treating pharmaceutical opioid addiction, depression, epilepsy, and handling pain management the opioids were prescribed for. Staying away from as many pharmaceuticals as possible, due to the carcinogenic effect of many of them, is also a must in my maintenance protocol. Generally speaking, most other cancer patients I know will continue with 25-100mg THC dosing daily, and some will do so with small doses of CBD as well. It all depends on what someone thinks they know, let's face facts with cannabis and cancer - there are no true experts. Not yet.

 Personally, my maintenance is covered by what I use for the other issues I treat. But many are gaining advice on the internet to take "60 grams in 60 days to cure any cancer". That's antiquated information made in the excitement of it all that's simply untrue and lacks very important maintenance and lifestyle/diet changes. Like many other cancer patients that fought off the beast - for me it took much longer and required many protocol adjustments. But, it happened and I am in full remission like many of us that are 'anecdotal cases' - which to me is a laughable term used by those that have failed to do their homework or just weren't given any in medical school on the Endocannabinoid System or cannabinoid medicine.


(These are maintenance doses at approx 50-75mg each, spread out on parchment paper for a patient to take one daily. After remission the maintenance dose is imperative.)

This is great information for those that already know or knew how to use the oils for cancers - but what about for those that don't? When fighting cancers generally the dosing I used of THC oil was rather high - well over 1,000 milligrams daily but that includes the terpenes as it's nonsensical to not employ the whole plant. CBD was also generally dosed at much lower milligrams and is also included in maintenance. While fighting active cancers my own dosing was often 2ml (2,000 mg) per day of a 70%+ THC oil along with 150-200mg per day of CBD - but that's based on the types of cancers and should not be universally followed. It took a tad of time to get to that point of dosing - but not long as I have a decent tolerance. People new to cannabis and oils would likely end up stuck in bed for days if they took that much right away, it wouldn't be tolerated well. Those taking pharmaceuticals would also have to learn about the CYP450/CBD pharma drug interactions that occur at higher doses. When treating cancers it's important to build up to a therapeutic dose as fast as possible but not so fast that it 100% disables you. But what do we do when the cancer is gone? When we find out that we're in remission and that the treatment worked whether it was Cannabis oil or Western Medicine options, do we just walk away or keep up the fight is the question so many have. No, we do not, not in the world of Cannabinoid Medicine anyway. Even if a person used chemo and radiation only, and maybe even had surgery too - maintenance is a must. We have no way of knowing if cancers have hidden themselves away in marrow - it's happened to me twice where I thought I was in remission and stopped oils. Never again as I recurred both times I did that.

Mike Robinson, Medicinal Cannabis Patient, Founder, Global Cannabinoid Research Center. But most of all, Genevieve's Daddy



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