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ACMPR Farmers Registry of Ontario


ACMPR Farmers Registry of Ontario is organizing provincial growers to produce sunshine-grown pesticide-free cannabis. This specialty product will be sold to licensed processors for medical purposes only.
The medicine will be set at a regulated rate for the thc/cbd properties known for Ontario climate. 10-15% thc; 1-2% cbd.
The farmer will take the plants through to harvest. Some may choose to dry their cannabis before shipping to a processor.
These products are a very rare commodity within the larger cannabis industry. Small farms (one acre) that are licensed to produce medical-grade, pesticide-free cannabis can produce 50 plus kilograms of dried cannabis ready for a processor, depending on their facilities.
When we come together and show that we need medical-grade, pesticide-free cannabis on an open and free market, there are over 5,000 ACMPR farmers ready to join in and help lift Canada's newest industry into success.
This initiative will be passed along to our premier, Doug Ford, for his consideration of our intention to move our Canadian Cannabis Industry into the 21st century. Our friends in BC are getting it together and Grow Ontario is ready to go.
One plant, one industry. All inclusive.

What we do know is in 2011 the MMAR spiked and over 5,000 grow licenses were issued in Ontario. At that time BC had 8,000. Ontario's vast resource of farmers who can grow medical-grade, sunshine-grown, pesticide-free cannabis will also help with doubling our food production by 2025. MMAR/ACMPR growers and farmers need to be allowed into the Canadian cannabis industry for medical-grade medicine.
When both sides of the ACMPR programs work together we will have a wonderful, profitable industry in Ontario.

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Brad Czumaczenko

This is amazing!

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