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81 Year Old Man Refuses Chemotherapy & Takes CBD Oil – Tumours Shrank Within 3 Months



It’s funny how when a pharmaceutical drug shows half the promise that cannabis does, clinical trials and funding is set up instantaneously. This has yet to really happen for cannabis, despite decades of research and studies showing that multiple compounds within cannabis completely obliterate cancer cells in a lab. It’s truly a mystery as to why there have been no clinical trials with humans, or is it? Cancer medicine and therapy is a huge money maker, imagine if something came along and destroyed it?

The lack of clinical trials and denial by the medical industry, has not stopped people taking matters into their own hands, however.

Sure, it doesn’t work for everyone, but with all of the information that’s emerged and continues to emerge regarding cannabis and cancer, more people who are apparently “terminal” are giving it ago. One example cam from Joy Smith a few years ago,  she  shared her story in the form of a petition online, at


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