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AlphaExtracts are the original developers of Omega8 CBD and THC Oil. We blend the finest sun-shine-grown, pesticide-free cannabis flowers from across Canada to create this whole plant theory of Omega8. Read more from people who believe in us.


My name is Amanda and I am 27 years old. For the past 8 or more years, I have suffered from depression and anxiety heightened by panic attacks. For the past 5 years, I have faced each day with no hair, eyebrows or eyelashes, complemented with cuts and abrasions over my face and frequent stares or comments from the general public. I have suffered from an ongoing illness which wasn’t fully identified until August 2016. You’re wondering, how can a person live with a disease unidentified for almost 5 years? Let me allow you to take a step into my life, my illness and disease and, most importantly, the utmost positive effects Alpha Extracts – Omega 8 has had upon my life. Hopefully, you too will make the choice to change your life, get yourself healthy and, most importantly, be happy. I was in my early twenties when my doctor suggested that I start taking antidepressants. I had become stressed from family issues and relationship struggles. I wasn’t sure where exactly I wanted my life to go or with whom I wanted to enjoy my life. I felt like everyone around me had all these amazing goals set. My friends had all started College or University and were on a great track in life. When I compared my life to theirs, I wasn’t where I personally wanted to be. I left a relationship with a person who my parents absolutely adored and started a relationship with someone who my parents despised. I overlooked the bad in this person to see the good despite the advice I was receiving from people who loved me deeply. I continued to do my own thing. I remember at one point I was fighting with my family. I wasn’t happy. I was struggling financially, I was struggling with substance abuse issues, and struggling within a relationship that I knew I should end if I wanted to live an amazing life. But I didn’t have the heart to just up and leave, so I beat myself down. I beat myself down to the point where I became incredibly depressed. I ignored my family, I ignored my friends. I pushed absolutely every single person who loved and cared for me away, some of whom had known me my entire life. Looking back now, I was just too stubborn at the time to respect them and what they had to say. I started to lash out at people and become a person I wasn’t and truly didn’t want to be. I felt like I was starting to lose control of my life. The year my life began to change was the year my grandfather passed away. This was really hard for everyone in my family. My grandfather was what you would call “old school”. You would not dare disrespect your parents in front of him and you always watched your P’s and Q’s. He was the solid foundation of our family. Our Rock. I began to spiral into deep depression and anger just after his death. I didn’t know how to handle my depression and anger because I don’t think I had ever been so depressed or angry in my life. I didn’t have any children, I wasn’t getting along with my family for months at that point; I had so much hate going on in my life that I just didn’t want to live anymore. So, I decided to take a bottle of pills. My boyfriend at the time found me unconscious, called the ambulance and I woke up in the hospital. The pills I had taken and the number of pills I had taken were not enough to kill me, but they were enough to harm my internal organs had I taken just a few more. I spoke with the Psychiatrist; I explained my life, the current and past events that I had dealt with or was dealing with, and I was released the same day. After my suicide attempt, I realized that the only person able to change my life is me. I enrolled in College and anticipated my start date. I took a trip overseas to the Dominican Republic with my friend and was finally starting to feel a little better. It wasn’t until I came back that I noticed things were starting to change within my life, again. The relationship that I had given up family and friends for, that I had put absolutely everything I had into, was starting to take a different path of its own. To make a long story short, in the end, I packed my belongings and moved home with my parents. A week later, I accepted a job in Florida where I would have spent the summer taking care of a 65-year-old woman. I did a pregnancy test before I left just to make sure that I wasn’t pregnant with my previous relationship and, sure enough, it came back positive.I was now burdened with the fact that I had to tell my parents I was pregnant, by a man they despised, and, most importantly, informing the father of my child. We both made the choice to keep our baby and work through what issues we had, with hopes of making a happy home for our new baby. Although I knew it wasn’t going to work from the very beginning, I still attempted to make the best life I possibly could for my child. I started College in January when I was around 4 months pregnant. I attended every class and every practical that the other Nurses were attending. The May long weekend arrived. I was 8 months pregnant and I had my son on the Saturday of that weekend. I went back the following Tuesday, bringing my newborn with me, to finish the rest of my school year. At this time in my life, I couldn’t have felt more proud of myself. I was proud that I had set a goal, achieved it, and that I had never given up on myself no matter what was placed on my path. Two weeks after my Graduation, I was hired at one of the placements that I worked at in College. It wasn’t until I was 22, one year after my first son was born, that my life completely changed forever, whether I accepted it or not. I woke up one morning with a painful irritation, what felt almost like an ingrown hair behind my left ear, just above my hairline. I went to the hospital where the doctors told me that I had Alopecia. They explained that Alopecia was caused by stress and suggested that I see a Dermatologist. Given that I had just gone through school pregnant, had a baby midway through, become a new mother and was struggling with relationship and family issues as well as having previous depression, I could very well have shown signs of a stressed woman. It took about four to six weeks before I was completely bald. My face and head started to create cuts or sores that have now left scars after healing. By the second month, I had lost my eyebrows, my eyelashes and, surprisingly, my nose hair. I attended four sessions with a Dermatologist, the last three of which included multiple Cortisone Injections directly into my scalp. Each “injection session” was an increased dosage, focusing on different sections of my head each time to stimulate hair growth. Not only was this treatment excruciatingly painful during and after, but it had no positive effect on the regrowth of my hair. In my honest opinion, the injections made it harder for my hair to regrow naturally. Saddened with the news that there was no other treatment available (other than in Toronto, which couldn’t be guaranteed to restore my hair and which I could not financially accept), I was faced with no other options. For years I lived depressed and aggravated by my personal appearance. I felt judged and self-conscious, especially when enduring public comments and stares. I was heartbroken that I had lost my hair, and my depression and anger started to spiral downward even more. I think what made me so angry was the fact that I had never before given myself credit for the way I looked. I always had the mindset that I was pretty, but there was always someone prettier. It took me to lose my hair and become “the monster” I’d become to appreciate my natural beauty and self-worth. After losing all of my hair and now being faced with an even heavier depression because of my appearance, I went into a phase of psychosis. It felt like every single day was spiraling out of control, worse than before. The harder I tried to be happy, the sadder I became. I sought professional help from a Psychiatrist. The first session went great as she got to know me, ask questions, and dig further into my life. The second session did not go so well. at the end of it all, I ended up more stressed, depressed and now even angrier. The Psychiatrist told me that I wasn’t Bipolar, nor did I have any label other than “I’d been through a lot in the last few years”. She did tell me that she had informed CAS with the notation that I was “isolating” myself and my children. Not only had the medical system failed me with the injections in my scalp, but now a member of the medical profession had not only given me zero help, which I originally sought her out for, but had also kicked me while I was down, for lack of a better term. At this point in my life, the distrust and anger I felt towards the medical field were heartbreaking. I did as much research as I possibly could on organic products for hair growth, natural products, or simply what I could make from essential oils. Nothing was showing a positive result. My face was still married, if not worsened, by cuts. At one point, my Aunt asked my parents if I was addicted to Meth because I looked similar to a Meth Addict. I had no control over the way I looked. As much as I tried to show people it didn’t bother me, it really did bother me. Incredibly enough, when I was 26, I finally received a message from God which put me on the right path in my life. The medical field had failed me, I was starting to lose hope in every aspect of my health, and God knew that he needed to do something to help me. So, he did. When my youngest son turned 6 months old, he became incredibly ill. It was a typical morning other than I had noticed his attitude and comfort level was a bit off. I fed him breakfast and, at 6 months, he now had the pleasure of tasting jar foods. At 9 am, he had a bit of his Mango, Kiwi, Apple Sauce. He wasn’t really into his breakfast and was still showing signs of agitation. By 11 am, I figured maybe a nice warm bath would help soothe whatever could have been bothering him. I wasn’t sure if it was his teeth or maybe a tummy ache. Just after lunch, I changed him, but I noticed something unusual. I noticed his knees had turned a purple and blue colour, what could be mistaken for bruises, and his feet and legs were starting to swell I immediately put him in the car and took him to the hospital. It was there that they admitted him to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit with the signs and symptoms of HSP. HSP is an Auto Immune Disease that triggers only in boys between the ages of 2-12. The doctors started running blood and urine tests and asking us questions. My son was dealing with abnormal discoloration on his extremities as well as swelling. He had blood in his urine, nephritis, high blood pressure and was completely lethargic. We spent 8 days in the hospital running tests, monitoring input and output, and trying to figure out what was making my baby ill. The doctors were giving us no answers because they couldn’t understand why my son was so ill so young, so suddenly, and with the symptoms he was showing. These were the longest days of my life. It was then that my son’s Sick Kids doctor asked me if I had Lupus – a question based on my personal appearance. I replied that I had been diagnosed with Alopecia about 4 years prior to my son’s illness; however, the treatment had no positive effect. He explained that all the signs and symptoms that my son was exhibiting were signs of Lupus and that it would be beneficial for me, as well as my son, to get tested. The week that my son was discharged, I had my doctor run a blood test. The test came back positive for SLE. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. If it had not been for my son getting ill and the Rheumatologist who led my son’s team at Sick Kids asking about Lupus, I would have never received the answers I had been hoping for. I always associated my body pain, headaches, and fatigue from working or just constantly being on the go. I was referred to a Rheumatologist who prescribed a medication called Hydroxychloroquine (given in some countries to treat Malaria). At first, this medication made me incredibly ill. I would vomit 10-20 minutes after taking it. I was prescribed only one tablet in the morning and one tablet at night, Monday to Friday, because of how little I weighed. I was sick in the morning and sick in the evening Monday to Friday for approximately two months. When my body started to become used to this drug, I became sick only on Mondays. I believe this occurred because I had to stop taking the medication on Friday evening. I had been taking Hydroxychloroquine for almost a year and felt little effect. There was no significant difference in my hair or face. At one point, my Rheumatologist asked me if I shaved my hair. Common hydroxychloroquine side effects may include: headache, dizziness, ringing in your ears; nausea, vomiting, stomach pain; loss of appetite, weight loss; mood changes, feeling nervous or irritable; skin rash or itching; or hair loss. Usual Adult Dose for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Discoid and systemic lupus erythematosus: Initial dose: 400 mg (310 mg base) orally once or twice a day for several weeks or months, depending on patient response Maintenance dose: 200 to 400 mg (155 to 310 mg base) orally once a day Again, I’d been given treatment with little or no positive effect and I was starting to feel even more hopeless. It wasn’t until a good friend of mine introduced me to Omega 8 that my life changed dramatically. He had known me for many years prior to my becoming ill and had been watching my life spiraling out of control for some time. He was keeping a close watch on my personal posts, my pictures on Facebook, and gave me the option to come and speak with him about his product. I made the choice to get healthy using Omega 8 and I can personally admit that it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made in my life. Omega 8 has positively impacted my life on so many different levels. I started taking two caplets per day, one in the morning and one at night. After a month of positive results, I consulted and increased my dosage to two capsules in the morning and two at night. After one month of increasing my dosage of Omega 8, absolutely every single cut or sore that had appeared on my face was gone. I have more energy during the day and my joints are no longer sore, especially after using the Harmony Bliss Ointment. Since I’ve taken Omega 8, I haven’t needed Advil for the headaches and migraines which used to render me sick and bedridden. My hair is now starting to grow back and, most importantly, the way I feel about myself and my level of depression have completely changed. I can honestly and openly say that I have never felt better since I began taking Omega 8. Omega 8 has shown me positive results when pharmaceutical medications, medical personnel, and treatments had failed me. Not only was I left without answers when treatments failed, but I had nothing to hope for as far as treatment. All I was left with were medications that made me sick and weren’t showing any positive effects. The positive results of taking Omega 8, particularly in such a short period of time, are truly astonishing. Omega 8 has given me the utmost level of hope for my health and there is not one day that goes by that I don’t take Omega 8. I have never felt more relaxed. I have never felt more healthy and happy. I have never felt more in control of my disease. I am so thankful that I made the choice to take Omega 8 and allow it to be a part of my lifestyle. HOW HAS OMEGA 8 HELPED MY OVERALL HEALTH? • INCREASED ENERGY AND STAMINA • DECREASED DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY • INCREASED RELAXATION • DECREASED STRESS AND PSYCHOSIS • INCREASED HAIR GROWTH WITHIN A MONTH OF USING OMEGA 8 AND HARMONY BLISS REGULARLY • AFTER USING OMEGA 8 REGULARLY FOR ONLY A MONTH, THE DISCOID RASH ON MY FACE CAUSED BY MY DISEASE BEGAN TO HEAL. AFTER USING OMEGA 8 FOR 2 MONTHS, THE DISCOID RASH HAD COMPLETELY HEALED. ALTHOUGH THE SCARRING IS STILL PRESENT, I CONTINUALLY USE THE HARMONY BLISS OINTMENT TO DECREASE SCARRING. • MY JOINT PAIN AND BODY PAIN HAVE DIMINISHED • HEADACHES ARE NOT AS FREQUENT AND HAVE BECOME CONTROLLABLE MY OVERALL HEALTH HAS IMPROVED ON EVERY LEVEL. I NOW FEEL COMFORTABLE GOING OUT IN PUBLIC BECAUSE THE CUTS ON MY FACE HAVE HEALED. I KNOW THIS PRODUCT IS WORKING AND, BELIEVE ME, I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING FROM TOPICAL PRESCRIPTIONS TO OVER-THE-COUNTER PRESCRIPTIONS TO ESSENTIAL OILS TO INJECTIONS, AND NOTHING WORKED. AT A TIME WHEN I FELT AT A COMPLETE LOSS AND UTTERLY HOPELESS, OMEGA 8 WAS AVAILABLE AND SAVED MY LIFE. OMEGA 8 HAS SHOWN THE MOST POSITIVE EFFECTS ON MY DISEASE THAN ANY OTHER TREATMENT OR PRESCRIPTION I HAVE ENDURED. OMEGA 8 HAS GIVEN ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE AGAIN AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY TO ME, HAS GIVEN ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE HAPPY. NOT ONLY AM I HAPPY WITH THE OUTCOME OF THIS AMAZING PRODUCT, BUT I AM HAPPY WITH MYSELF. I CAN HONESTLY SAY THAT I CANNOT REMEMBER ANY OTHER TIME WHEN I HAVE BEEN HAPPY WITH MYSELF. FOR YEARS AFTER LOSING MY HAIR, I WOULD WAKE UP AND LOOK IN THE MIRROR. WHO I SAW WAS HEARTBREAKING AND TERRIFYING. I WAS TERRIFIED THAT I WOULD LOOK LIKE “THE MONSTER” STARING BACK AT ME FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE. THIS MADE MY DEPRESSION INCREASE AND MY HOPE DECREASE. WHEN I STARTED TAKING OMEGA 8 AND NOTICED THE IMMEDIATE EFFECTS IT WAS HAVING ON MY BODY AND ON MY DISEASE, I WAS ASTONISHED. I WAS SHOCKED AND AMAZED THAT SOMETHING WAS TRULY WORKING FOR ME, AND I HONESTLY COULDN’T WAIT TO TELL PEOPLE HOW AMAZING OMEGA 8 WAS AND IS. I WAS FINALLY EXCITED TO BE NEAR PEOPLE BECAUSE I WANTED THEM TO SEE HOW CLEAR MY FACE WAS, AND HOW MUCH MY HAIR WAS GROWING BACK. I WANTED THEM TO SEE THE EFFECT THAT OMEGA 8 HAS HAD ON ME, AND CONSIDER WHAT EFFECT IT COULD POSSIBLY TAKE ON THEM TO IMPROVE THEIR OVERALL HEALTH. INSTEAD OF WAKING UP EACH MORNING WITH HEARTBREAK AND FEELING HOPELESS ABOUT MY LIFE, I WAKE UP WITH AMBITION, STAMINA, HOPE AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, APPRECIATION FOR MYSELF. I FIND I HAVE MORE PATIENCE WITH MY CHILDREN AND OTHERS. I AM MORE IN CONTROL OF MYSELF IN ANY SITUATION. OMEGA 8 HAS GIVEN ME A CLEARER MIND. I WAKE UP FEELING HAPPY AND HEALTHY. AS I CONTINUALLY TAKE OMEGA 8, MY HAIR GROWS MORE AND MORE. AFTER MAKING OMEGA 8 A PART OF MY DAILY ROUTINE, MY FACE IS NOW SHOWING SHADES OF COLOUR WHERE MY EYEBROWS ARE, AND MY EYELASHES ARE STARTING TO RETURN. YES, AT ONE POINT I FELT LIKE AN ADULT TRAPPED IN A LITTLE GIRL’S BODY BECAUSE I HAD NO HAIR AT ALL, BUT NOW I HAVE LEG HAIR, ARM HAIR, AND YOU-KNOW-WHERE HAIR AGAIN. I COULDN’T FEEL BETTER. IT HAS NOW BEEN 4 MONTHS SINCE I MADE THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE. OMEGA 8 WILL ALWAYS BE PART OF MY DAILY ROUTINE AND I HOPE YOU, TOO, MAKE THE CHOICE TO BE AMAZED AND TO LIVE HEALTHY. – – – AMANDA


Last summer, my dad was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor that doctors believed to be the size of a golf ball. It was a surprise to all of us as he had just recently battled a fight with lung cancer as well as a brain aneurysm that had been operated on and clipped only a couple years prior. Life immediately came to a halt in early July 2017, as doctors could not figure out the best treatment for my dad’s diagnosis. They soon found other tumors in his brain. He immediately went from being a healthy, strong, working man to fighting a lengthy battle that would soon turn into a devastating month in the ICU. After finding out about the tumors, Michelle educated us on the benefits of Cannabis Oil through Alpha Extracts. My dad was willing to try whatever he could to fight against this devastating disease and he began taking the Cannabis Oil on a daily basis. After about five months of being back and forth to the hospital and countless MRIs and CT scans, we finally received the news that we were looking for. The Oncologist met with us and told my dad that although he rarely delivered this type of news, my dad’s tumor had shrunk by 90%. In addition to this information, he also said that the other tumors had basically shrunk to a size that could barely be seen on an MRI. The doctor seemed shocked as he delivered the news but we could not have been happier with the results. Since then, Howard has lost 100 lbs since spending four unconscious weeks in the ICU, has started working again, and continues to bring everyone joy through his positive attitude and bubble machine. The recovery that he has made since last summer is almost inconceivable and he continues to use the Cannabis Oil to fight and maintain his health. There is so much power in this form of medicine and all it takes is a little bit of education and an open mind. Words cannot describe how lucky I feel to have my dad back in my life and I am so happy to have been introduced to this natural, alternative medicine that ultimately saved his life. (written by Howards' eldest, Nicole)


I have suffered with IBS for some time now. Uneasy stomach (churning), pain at times and even pins & needles. I took the Chrystaline Live Rosin on an empty stomach and my symptoms diminished within a few days!

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Harmony Bliss

  • One-Of-A-Kind Cannabis-Infused Salve
  • Ingredients: 2 Strains, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Beeswax, Traumeel, Shea Butter, Vitamin E Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Reduces puffy eyes, Reduces Joint Inflammation, Reduces Muscle Soreness, etc

CAD 40

Omega8 CBD/THC Oil

  • Lab Results/30 ml Dropper Applicator Bottle
  • THC 10.9 mg/ml CBD 0.2 mg/ml
  • CBG 0.9 mg/ml CBC 0.2 mg/ml

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Omega8 CBD/THC Oil - 1ml Capsules

  • Lab Results/30 Capsules
  • THC 10.9 mg/ml CBD 0.2 mg/ml
  • CBG 0.9 mg/ml CBC 0.2 mg/ml

CAD 90

Omega8 CBD/THC Oil - 1 Ml Capsules

  • Lab Results/90 Capsules
  • THC 10.9 mg/ml CBD 0.2 mg/ml
  • CBG 0.9 mg/ml CBC 0.2 mg/ml

CAD 270

Rosin Extract

  • Rosin Extract/
  • 100% Solventless Extraction/1 gram
  • Must provide ACMPR Registration Number when ordering.

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